Self Congratulation – Never A Bad Thing.

Great news for fans of the Facebook  page! Well, not great, perhaps, but quite good. And maybe not news, either, if I’ve

Is that Warrington? No, it's swans, see.

already told you… Anyway, 2 posts at warrington-online. com have been rated as excellent; Discovering Warrington, and Vampires in Warrington. OK, they each only received 1 vote, but the important thing is that it wasn’t MY vote!. So, here’s the plan. So far we have 2 votes for the posts, and 141 spam comments. If my maths are correct, each of the 21 fans of the page only have to have 7 friends each, and we’ll have more fans than spammers. Yaaay!!

Billy No Mates

So please make a start by recommending this page to your other friend. I mean, who has 7 friends?

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