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Straw Poll by Bill Warrington


Taking a straw poll

It’s always gratifying for bloggers to receive comments about their posts. Whether good, bad, or indifferent, they are an indication that the post has actually been read by those who trawl the blogosphere in search of entertainment.

The Bloggers’ Little Helper who assists me in protecting this site from particularly intrusive and unwanted spam goes by the name of Akismet.

In most instances, Akismet is unhesitating in identifying comments which are not actually relevant to the posts to which they purport to reply. (Too long-winded. Get on with it. Ed.)

The other day, Akismet came upon a lengthy screed which masqueraded as a reply to our article Frankenspud’s Revenge.


World's Biggest Potato - photo by Brad Wakefield/SWNS


You don’t need to have read the whole article to appreciate this story, just suffice it to know that it’s vaguely about GM crops.

Shyly, Akismet asked if I would adjudicate and determine if it was indeed a spam comment.

Having read the comment, I suspect that some of the content may have become lost in translation, as the writer does not seem to be a native English speaker.

I have done my best to re-create what I think was the original interview.

Inteview posted by international straw shoe salesman V.U. Jessian aux Maples of Altoworld.De in reply to Frankenspud’s Revenge.

Q: What is the best use for straw in growing  huge potatoes??

A: I’ve continually reasoning it would be best to accept those straw toe-wear against when I do out of doors sports such as canoeing and dragon boating.


Dragon boat


These special straw ones pamper to salt water outside in unusual because of the examination thick material it is made of.

Q. I see. Do you reccommend wearing straw sandals instead of wellingtons, then?

A. When I harmonize digging potatoes I in use accustomed to to either go with my undecorated feet or slippers, but was till the end of time having problems with both. Being barren footed meant that I sway away hurt by any debris that may cut when I slog on the sand.

Q.  Yes, that’s always a problem. Are straw sandals considered a fashionable item in your farming community?

A. I didn’t think of getting such show off shoes in the primary place. I imagine it was because my idea of deride rubber boots was unceasingly in compensation race, and not for other out of doors activities.

Q. Do you find you need lots of straw sandals?

A. Not at best can I wheedle an immense double of outdoor straw sandals for my water sports, but I can from a five fingers entire!

Q. Sorry, what was that about 5 fingers?

A Not inevitable why they call it five fingers despite the fact that, since actually the entertainment is in the guise of your five toes.

Q. Of course. So, how is this relevant to growing GM potatoes?

A. I divine the toe-shaped display shoes makes it look like a network of some throw,but at least I can walk along the pontoon or run aground zone in gladden, incompatible with when I occupied to boogie barefooted.

Q. So you would reccommend growers of GM crops to wear straw sandals when they go dancing?

A. I couldn’t really find wares incredible out of doors divertissement shoes, so this descry has categorically enhanced my farming experience and sure made me a happy camper this time. And although I cannot beat a hasty retreat with it as my feet old to cripple or bring back scorched from the fervid clay, these shoes look like from the exceed and bottom.

There is more, but my editor’s ROFLHAO and won’t let me print it.

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