Amazing Success of Police Quiz!!


clipping from OldChinaHand Times


Scenes of incredulous jubilation greeted this news flash from GoogleMail;

“Warmest congratulations on your outstanding post debut.

In fact, your post “Quiz For Police Officers” was the No. 9 best post about humour!

Here’s how your post stacks up against others:

Post: Quiz For Police Officers
Your Tag Your Rank Time Period
humour 9 All-time
police 4 All-time

Unfortunately, ace  investigator Bill Warrington was unavailable for comment. (Drunk!. Head copy boy)

The Editor was also unavailable, still ROFLHAO from a previous article. (Actually trying to shag a table leg. Head copy boy)

It was left up to the Head (and only) copy boy to make the following enquiries;

Where did the email come from?               Forgot to look.

Who voted for the post?                                 Don’t know.

How many humorous posts were there?     9

How many Police posts? No, don’t tell me, let me guess. 4, right?

Mark Twain probably said something about newspapers that would be relevant here, but you can look it up for yourselves. Great news like this needs celebrating.


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