Q and A

Q and A are a couple of friends of long standing. Their sense of reality becomes a little warped after The Second Pint (there should be a link to a song here, but I haven’t written it yet), and they have to keep warning each other,’Don’t Go Beyond The Handrail‘.  (Yeah, it’s another link. I’ve written the song but it’s not been published.[smiley face indicating wry acceptance of the vagaries of fate, with just a tinge of irony and a dash of sarcasm bitters for a full-bodied flavour  and no sunglasses- couldn’t find that one on my iPad] A truly hilarious incident,but you had to have been there to appreciate it. Helps if you had had more than 2 pints.)

NB. TEFL teachers -do not try sentences like this in class!

Q said,” What’s he  about?”
A said,” Who? ”
Q said, ” Him.”
A said, “Him?'”
Q said, ‘Yes!’
A said ‘So?’

Q said ,”Must be your round!”
A said ‘Who?’
Q said ‘You!’
A said ‘Me?’
Q said ‘Yes!’
A said ‘No!’

(With apologies to Robb WiltonBackanswers)


Quote Of The Week

Shanghai Skyline
Image by Keith Marshall via Flickr

Whatever your feelings may be about the Chinese, you have to admit they have style.

Shanghai indie band Boojii were interviewed recently about their new album, Reserved. They were asked about the meaning of the band’s name, and singer/songwriter San San admitted it didn’t actually have any meaning.


He added, “There’s no link to the band or the music or sexy films stars or anything like that – I just like it because it sounds cute. If I could choose another name it’d be Girl Vomit.”

Of course!