11 Free Tips To Find The 5 Principles Of The Secret Tao Of 7 Steps To Success Of Facebook Marketing. Free. Part I

Catchy title, no? As any SEO expert, or journalism undergraduate will tell you, for free, the secret of writing free tips is to get as many free keyword numbers in as possible. Preferably for free.

Unless I’ve misunderstood.

Although in our search for the 7 Steps towards Marketing Successs on Facebook, the Secret Tao must remain secret – at least until Part II – the 5 Principles can be named. They are, in fact Yat, Dva, Tres, Vier and Eneuf.

One may find Oneself wondering where Wordsworth wandered.

Recent statistcs show that Google has more than 109 visitors every day, although this figure may be open to dispute.
Based on  my own extensive research witn Facebook friends I have virtually met, what actually happens to Google visitors is that they  spend at least 5 minutes logging on, and then scan at least 1 page for 20 seconds after it has loaded.

OK, here it is then;

The Simple 7 Step Approach to Prospecting on Facebook and Skype

1. Switch on.
2. Wait for connection to the Internet
3. Make coffee
4. Scan web page for 20 secs.
5. Navigate to new page
6. Wait for it to load
7. Make coffee

For advanced Entrepreneurs;
8. GOTO 4
9. Stay in the loop

I can’t reveal any more at this stage for reasons of economy. Although, unlike the Bard, I have world enough and time, I do not yet have your e-mail address.

Shit. That’s given the game away, hasn’t it?

Thus does Google make geeks of us all.

As Baroness Orzcy almost said,;
“They Google him here,
They Google him there

What is Spam to one person, is just luncheon meat to another. Mmmm. Tasty.

If this makes sense, tell 5 friends. If it doesn’t my name has  been  MXYZPTLK.