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How do I get down?


reporter Bill Warrington – and his dogs.

Actually,  in the highest traditions of  chequebook/ tabloid journalism, Bill does not do a great deal of real investigating these days. He prefers instead to walk the dogs and review the articles and snippets of news obligingly posted by a myriad of world-wide bloggers, then mash them up and re-serve with a twist – sometimes lemon and sometimes a little less acidic.

Bill is widely known as a practical joker. His most successful on-going prank has been to persuade a number of reputable companies that he was working for them. For examples of this brand of humour, please see  Best British Jokes.

When last we heard of Bill, a few years ago, he was working as the lead, and only, journalist for Strange Times of Warrington, investigating some peculiar goings-on in Cheshire and Staffordshire. All of you out there in the blogosphere may not be aware that you have been patiently waiting for Bill to publish his experiences in novel form. But you have.

If he ever does so, it will certainly be a novel experience.

But tempus, as the Bard might have put it, fugits. The latest rumour is that Bill’s luxury office is defined as a permanently-reserved corner table of the Yam Cha dim sum restaurant in Norton Throssle.the-scarecrows-of-norton-throssle Has he been involved in the investigation of The Scarecrows of Norton Throssle? You can only find out by clicking here.


This site features also features posts by OldChinaHand, who invented the character of Bill Warrington. Or was it the other way round?

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Is that Warrington? No, it's swans, see.

Is this Warrington? No, it’s swans, see.





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