Who Ya Gonna Call?

Who you gonna call when things go bump in the night? Except that Ghostbusters is a fantasy and the only thing instead is a well-meaning individual who responds as best he can to the real troubles in the world. Robert Preston isn’t actually going to come and recruit him to be the Last Starfighter to go and save the galaxy.

They talk about the US President as if he was the only one who ever had to make a tough decision. Oh, sure, but no one has to make bigger or better decisions than the Americans. The world knows that.

So who you gonna call? Ghost busting now is big business, with courses and certificates and all sorts. Still only window dressing.

His mother would have understood. But all of a sudden there was a big hole in his life where she used to be.Now there was no one to share an anecdote that evoked a memory from childhood or to consult about what a particular plant was or who starred in which film.

He sighed as he stood up and blew his nose. Enough! Time he grew up.

He straightened his shoulders and hobbled back into the Retirement Home.

Joyce with Phil and Steve

In loving memory of Joyce Lillian Pimentil nee Thomas (13th October 1922-1th May 2013.) A life well lived.

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